Our Packaging Services and Products
Beginning in 2018, Chiu Ming Packaging has entered into a partnership with Breakdown Plastic to offer the best solution to tackling our world's plastic pollution problem. Imagine if most modern-day plastics can be fully decomposed in landfill environments within a few years instead of centuries or longer...
Chiu Ming's facilities are perfectly equipped for producing top quality clear plastic packaging solutions. We have an in-house Roland 700 7+1 UV offset printing press, as well as two PP plastic sheet extruders. All acquired in order to help establish a vertical integration business model to increase our competitiveness.
Chiu Ming specializes in the apparel industry so we know how important clear plastic packaging solutions are to clothing brands. Some of the brands we work with include Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Armani, 2(X)IST, Lululemon, and many others.
Our vacuum formed trays made from PET or PS plastic are compliant with FDA standards.
Chiu Ming has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing reliable, clear, plastic boxes, which can be made from APET, PVC, or PP plastic materials. We have extensive knowledge regarding offset printing, silk screen printing, RF creasing, as well as many other production techniques.
If you are frustrated by how fast your paper bags deteriorate in your warehouse, plastic bags could be a better option.

Why do we choose transparent plastic packaging?
Plastic packaging can be made so that it is transparent, allowing the products to be visible to the naked eye at first glance. Many people feel much more confident about purchasing a product they can see, which makes visibility a key factor to growing sales. Studies show that customers are more than a hundred percent likely to pick items off store shelves when the item is in transparent packaging.
Plastic doesn't shatter easily, so containers made out of plastic won't break easily when they are dropped on the ground or kicked over by accident. This makes plastic packaging products extremely useful in a multitude of environments, especially outdoors or areas where small children may be at play.
Plastic can keep products free of contamination if handled properly. For example, medical packaging for products like sterile syringes can be filled and sealed without any human hands ever touching the product.
Plastic can be made to be very light weight so it is ideal for packaging products. This means lighter loads for all modes of transportation which in turn lowers emissions.
Plastic is super durable so plastic packaging can be made to be very thin, which quantifies fewer resources to make it. It also takes up less space for transport so that means fewer trucks, trains, planes, or ships are needed.
Plastic can be recycled, which means used plastic packaging can be recycled and remade many times into new products. For example, we are able to take the excess trimmed unused plastic that is leftover from production of a particular product, and re-feed it back into our extruder to make new plastic sheets, which in turn can be used to make other new products.

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